WauWau Recipe: Austrian egg dumplings

Our favorite recipe for Austrian egg dumplings!

First of all: it's made very easy and fast. And you don't need many ingedients (list below the video).

And it is perfect for vegetarians (like my doughter), because there is no meat in it - and normally austrian kitchen is always with some meat.
So when the kids are hungry in the evening, and that's my turn to cook, I serve egg dumplings or if you add some cheese instead of eggs that's called cheese dumplings (kind of Käsespätzle). Served with a green salat a classical Austrian dish would be ready to keep the kids calm.
Here in Austria we take a typical pumpkin seed oil to flavour the green salat.
I've forgotten to mention: you need freshly ground pepper!


Eiernockerl- Austrian egg dumplings

400g flour
60g melted butter
250ml milk
3 eggs
ground salt
ground nutmeg


250ml milk
2 eggs
ground salt

fresh ground pepper

To serve:
freshly ground pepper
ground salt
ground nutmeg

Peppermill: Ben Vintage Look blue
Saltmill: Jumsy pink
Nutmeg grinder: Polly Molly walnutwood

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