Our Pepper Grinding Mechanism

The WauWau pepper mills are equipped with a Austrian precision grinder.

The grinding gear itself as well as the friction disk is made from high-quality stainless-steel. The cone and grinding ring have grooves with different depths, intake angles and cutting edges that are perfectly adapted to the consistency of the peppercorns.

The degree of grinding can be adjusted at the bottom of the mill. Gone are the days where the grinder was constantly unintentionally adjusted and even blocked – as it is the case in mills with settings at the head.

The careful processing of the individual parts allows an even move of the peppercorns into the milling ring that are either cut finely or coarsely. Also the amount of pepper leaving the mill is higher than with other common mills. This advantage is especially important to those who cherish fresh pepper when cooking. The precision grinders are produced in my own workshop in Vienna.